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Ice Wreck Kush

Ice Wreck Kush is the combination of Ice, the legendary strain Trainwreck and another unknown British Columbian strain. This indica packs a deep, cerebral head high and a subtle sedating body high all-in-one, making it frequently sought after.

LINEAGE Trainwreck x Unknown BC Indica
EFFECTS Relaxed, Happy, Sleepy, Sedated & Hungry
TERPENE PROFILE Earthy, Woody, Spicy, Pine & Gas

Ice Wreck Kush: The Perfect Blend of Legendary Strains

Introducing Ice Wreck Kush, a hybrid strain created by Crop King Seeds that combines the legendary Trainwreck strain with an unknown British Columbian strain. This potent indica-dominant strain packs a deep, cerebral head high and a subtle, sedating body high, making it a popular choice for those looking for a powerful yet balanced high. With an average THC concentration of 18-28%, every harvest of locally-sourced Ice Wreck Kush also contains a generous helping of thick, white THC crystals that give the strain its namesake.

Effects Of Ice Wreck Kush

The effects of Ice Wreck Kush are felt almost instantly, as users experience a surge of euphoria that builds into a clear-headed and focused high. This happy, energetic buzz is great for social situations, just medicate and let the giggles take over. Eventually, the effects transition into a heavily sedating and relaxing high that can be used to deal with physical pains and aches. This strain is most effective when used for the treatment of anxiety, stress, depression and light to moderate pain.

Appearance & Aroma

Ice Wreck Kush has a familiar indica bud structure, being very round and tight in formation. Olive green flowers are accented by deep purple toned leaves and a minimal amount of orange pistils. A sticky blanket of trichomes give the strain its icy appearance.

The aroma of Ice Wreck Kush is sweet and dank with herbal and earthy undertones. This strain is sure to please the senses and satisfy the most discerning of smokers.