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High Octane OG

High Octane OG is an award-winning indica strain that is renowned for its diesel, gas-like terpene profile. The genetics of High Octane OG are a mystery but many believe that it is closely related to OG Kush.

LINEAGE Unknown (OG Kush lineage)
EFFECTS Happy, Relaxed, Uplifted & Sleepy
TERPENE PROFILE Gas, Diesel, Earthy & Pine

High Octane OG: A Potent Indica for Chronic Conditions

High Octane OG is an award-winning pure indica strain with mysterious genetics, potentially related to OG Kush. Its buds have a light green aesthetic, heavily coated with sticky trichomes that will leave your fingers dusty. The aroma is characterized by an intense diesel-like scent with undertones of earthiness and pine.


Smokers of High Octane OG will experience a quick onset of heavy relaxation throughout the body with a burst of energy to the head. This soon subsides into a heavy-weighted stoned feeling with profound laziness and sleepiness. This strain is definitely a couch-locking one, and we suggest that you clear your schedule and prepare to relax and be lazy. After smoking, activities that do not require much energy, such as watching TV, are recommended.

High Octane OG is known for its potency and pure-indica genetics, making it an ideal strain for treating insomnia, appetite, chronic pain and stress. Side effects of this strain are mainly dry mouth and dry eyes.

Taste and Aroma

When smoking High Octane OG, it will taste extremely gassy and may irritate your lungs if you are a beginner. We recommend this strain to experienced smokers who need a potent indica to relax and relieve their chronic conditions. We also suggest trying other products such as Lemon OG.