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Heat Wave – Sativa BULK


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Outstanding parents foster remarkable children, and Chemdawg and THC Bomb are no exception. The prominent wizards at the Oregon Cannabis Authority have combined these two iconic varieties to produce Heat wave - no matter what you call it! Unmistakable notes of pepper with a skunky kick still remain, regardless of its title; the unrivaled might that this strain exudes will never be diminished. The union of two classics creates a strain that is heavily Indica-dominant (75/25), bringing an immense body high from your neck down to every limb. There's no need to fear any anxiety or stress during Heat wave, just be ready for the profound taste it brings!

Heatwave, a squat and even plant that flowers in about 70 days, offers an average yield yet makes up for it with its ease of growth. If you're just getting started as a grower, hybrids with reliable parents like Heat wave are great options since they require very little upkeep to produce decent yields. Make sure to adhere to the advice from industry experts and top off your Heat wave plants during their peak growth cycle. This will yield a greater harvest for you, as well it encourages lateral growth within this rapidly growing plant. Its buds are small and round with some yellowish-amber hues scattered throughout them.

The THC level of Heatwave rises to a whopping 27%, providing sufferers of chronic anxiety, pain, depression and mood disorders with impressive relief. Those suffering from mental ailments, such as ADD/ADHD can benefit from using the strain at night for improved concentration. Furthermore, those who struggle to sleep due to their conditions may find that consuming Heat wave promotes peaceful rest.

The flavor of Heat wave is not for the faint-hearted as it packs a powerful punch. An overwhelming blend of skunk, fuel and chemical flavors followed by a hint of citrusy fruits make this strain an adventure in itself! So if you're ready to heat up your senses with that spicy pepper aftertaste on the exhale, then Go For It! Just be sure that you have enough experience or willpower to handle such aromas before partaking.

As soon as you let the high take over, a blissful feeling washes away all your worries and pains. The sensation starts at the nape of your neck before radiating throughout every inch of your body in a soothing wave that is permeated with diesel, skunk, chemicals, and spicy peppers. Enjoy this moment to its fullest; it's sure to leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed! In general, Heat wave is best taken in the evenings as it may induce drowsiness. However, if attention disorder or pain issues impede your ability to relax, try using Heatwave earlier on. The delightful tingle of a carefully applied dose surpasses any other sensation you can experience! In plant form especially; this offers an ideal way to escape reality.

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