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Hawaiian Cookies


A 50/50 hybrid that invigorates with its earthy-citrus flavours before providing its users with a relaxing, serene sense of comfort.

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Experience the Tropical Flavour of Hawaiian Cookies

Introducing Hawaiian Cookies - a 50/50 hybrid strain with unknown origins that shows off its sativa genetics. Crossbred from Hawaiian Snow and Girl Scout Cookies, this strain will tantalize your taste buds with its tropical flavour and sweet aroma.

A Pleasant High with Uplifting Effects

Despite a low THC range of 18-21%, Hawaiian Cookies packs a potent punch. It's high is a unique mix of cerebral stimulation, focus, creativity, and energy that will leave you feeling uplifted and motivated for hours. As the high begins to recede, a light sense of relaxation will come over your body and mind, helping to bring a sense of peace.

Medical Benefits of Hawaiian Cookies

Hawaiian Cookies is ideal for medical patients as it tends to be controlled and not overwhelming. It helps to reduce anxiety and can stimulate appetite. This strain is also effective in alleviating chronic pain, sores, headaches and inflammation.

The Perfect Day-Time Strain

Hawaiian Cookies is the perfect strain for a weekday morning as it will provide you with a boost of energy and productivity without any couch-lock or sedation. Or, enjoy it during the weekend for a boost of social energy. You won't be disappointed with this tropical treat.

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18 – 22%