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Hash Plant


Hash Plant is your go-to indica-dominant strain to kick back, relax, and destress. With 19% THC on average, this sweet and skunky strain has been popular since the early 80s, and for good reason!

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Hash Plant: A Relaxing Indica-Dominant Strain

Are you looking for a strain of cannabis that offers deep relaxation and relief from pain, stress, and insomnia? Look no further than Hash Plant. This award-winning indica-dominant hybrid is an OG favorite that originated in Holland in the early 1980s and has since gained popularity in North America and around the world.

Hash Plant Aroma and Appearance

This potent strain has an average THC level of 19%, making it perfect for cannabis users of all skill levels. It has a woody, forestry smell and flavor with some sweetness and skunk. Its tight, woodland green nugs are covered with a thick coating of white resin, and red-orange pistils poke through the surface.

Hash Plant Effects

Smoke this strain and you will feel your limbs and eyelids getting heavier as pain, stress, and insomnia melt away. Its sweet yet vegetal taste delivers a deep relaxation that feels like a forest walk. If you are looking for medicinal relief without getting too stoned, Hash Plant is the perfect choice.

Medical Benefits

The medical benefits of Hash Plant include relief from insomnia, pain, depression and stress.