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Hash – Moroccan Phoenix


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Moroccan Phoenix Hash – Relaxing and Refreshing

Experience ultimate relaxation with Moroccan Phoenix Hash, a premium grade blonde hash imported from Morocco. This hash is prized for its beautiful light hue and incredible aroma, with subtle sweetness and a sharp, spicy kick. It's made from indica flowers or THC resin glands, making it incredibly potent and perfect for relieving pain. Whether you crumble it up in a joint, top a bowl, or enjoy it the traditional way with a hookah, Moroccan Phoenix Hash will leave you feeling great.

What Is Hash?

Hash is a concentrate made from the resin glands or trichomes of the cannabis plant. It's separated from the rest of the plant matter and is pure THC. Our AAA+ grade Afghani hashish is of the highest quality, giving you the best possible experience.

How To Smoke Hash

The possibilities are endless when it comes to smoking hash. Sprinkle a little bit of hash into your bong or pipe, mix it in with your joints, or just enjoy it all on its own. No matter how you choose to smoke, Moroccan Phoenix Hash will leave you feeling relaxed and refreshed.