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Hash – Mercedes


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Mercedes Hash: Classic Afghan Black Hash

Experience the blast of the past with Mercedes Hash – a classic hash variant first discovered in Afghanistan. Known for its pliable texture, dark colour, and spicy flavour, this affordable hash is locally pressed from real BC-grown flowers. Crafted with traditional techniques, Mercedes Hash is made from hand-sifted THC trichomes and screened for quality assurance. Enjoy this AAA+ grade hashish with your favourite bong, pipe, or joint.

What Is Hash?

Hash, also known as ‘hashish’, is a concentrate made from the trichomes of the cannabis plant. It is separated from the plant matter and contains pure THC. Mercedes Hash is made with traditional techniques, pressing the pure THC into a brick shape with heat. Enjoy this top-grade hash with peace of mind.

How To Smoke Hash

Smoke Mercedes Hash in your bong, pipe, or joint for maximum enjoyment. Sprinkle or “crown” a little bit into your bowl, or mix it with your joints for a powerful hit. Relax and let the powerful effects of Mercedes Hash take you on a journey through the past.