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Hash – Mercedes


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Mercedes Hash

Experience the classic, old-school flavour of Mercedes Hash! This affordable hash is locally pressed from real BC-grown flowers, using traditional techniques to ensure the highest quality. Mercedes Hash has a pliable texture and a signature dark colouring, with spicy flavours that will have connoisseurs on a blast to the past. With its high-grade THC trichomes hand-sifted and screened for quality, you can trust that you are getting a top-notch product with Mercedes Hash.

What Is Hash

Hash is made by separating the resin glands or trichomes of the cannabis plant from the plant material itself. The pure THC concentrate, or kief, is then pressed into a brick shape with heat to form Hash, also known as 'hashish'. Our AAA+ grade Mercedes Hash is of the highest quality, guaranteed.

How To Smoke Hash

The options for taking in hash are endless. Sprinkle it into your bong or pipe bowls, mix it in with your joints, or use it to top off a bowl for a unique and enjoyable experience! Whatever method you choose, you can count on Mercedes Hash to deliver a classic, flavourful experience.