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Hash – Laughing Buddha


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Hash – Laughing Buddha - An Exotic Hash Variant from Canada

Discover the unique aroma and flavour of Laughing Buddha Hash! This exotic hash variant is 100% Canadian-produced and crafted from real premium Laughing Buddha plants. Our hash experts use traditional techniques from Morocco and the Middle East to collect all the resinous THC trichomes by hand before pressing them into gooey hashish bricks. The freshness of the starting material gives this strain-specific hash its characteristic pliability, making it easy to work with and even more convenient to enjoy.

What Is Hash?

Hash is made up of the resin glands or trichomes of the cannabis plant that has been separated from the rest of the plant matter and is essentially pure THC concentrate. Kief is then pressed into a brick shape with heat to form hash or ‘hashish’. Our AAA+ grade Afghani hashish is of the highest quality, guaranteed.

How To Smoke Hash

Smoking hash is easy and convenient. Sprinkle a bit of the hash in your bong or pipe bowls, or mix it in with your joints. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the effects of the pure THC concentrate!