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Hash – Blueberry

Hash – Blueberry

Introducing Blueberry Hash – a unique and tantalizing hash variant made in British Columbia! Using real Blueberry Kush, this hash variant has an unmistakable fruity terpene profile that will have your senses flooding with pleasure. The trichomes from the Blueberry Kush are carefully sieved to remove any plant matter, then flash-frozen and pressed to preserve the delicate terpenes. The result is a gooey, flavourful hash that is a shining example of BC’s best!

What Is Hash

Hash, or ‘hashish’ as it’s sometimes called, is a form of THC concentrate made from the resin glands or trichomes of the cannabis plant. The pure THC or kief is then compressed and heated to form a brick-shaped hash. Our Blueberry Hash is grade AAA+ Afghani hashish, guaranteeing you the highest quality.

How To Smoke Hash

Smoke Blueberry Hash in any way you like! Sprinkle it into bong or pipe bowls, mix it into joints, or just kick back and relax with it. Enjoy the unique and tantalizing flavour of Blueberry Hash, as well as its potent effects!