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If you’re a cannabis enthusiast, then it’s likely that you are familiar with grinders. These tools reduce your marijuana buds into smaller pieces to create an even texture and size. Grinding is necessary for packing joints, blunts or spliffs but can also be used when loading bowls in pipes or bongs for a more steady burn rate.

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Transform your cannabis into perfectly even bits with a grinder - the perfect tool to ensure you get an optimal burn. Whether it's for rolling joints, blunts or spliffs, or packing bowls in pipes and bongs, grinding down weed is essential if you want a light but flavorful smoke that won't fail to satisfy.

How to use a marijuana grinder

To use a common four-piece grinder:

  • Insert your nugs into the space between the lid and grinder section of the device, making sure to avoid putting them in its central area where the magnet pivots. Additionally, refrain from placing any seeds or stems inside as well.
  • With about 10 turns, grind the buds until every piece has passed through the mesh and into the storage area—initially it may feel resistant to twist, but after a few rotations you should find that it moves easily.
  • To gain access to the freshly-ground cannabis, simply unscrew the grinder and storage chamber. Now you can take your pick of using it for a bowl or rolling up!

The screen of the third compartment, or storage chamber, keeps your cannabis securely in place so that kief can drift down into the kief catcher within. You can also store flower for later use inside this same area to ensure you don't run out!

How to collect kief

Kief is an excellent addition to bowls, hash, butter or oil. To gather the kief from your grinder with ease and precision, use a small putty knife-like tool referred to as a "kief scraper". This tiny device fits snuggly in your pocket like a fingernail! Another option for collecting it quickly is by adding weight at the bottom of the catcher; coins such as pennies or nickels work perfectly here. With either method you can easily amass enough resin powder for all your cannabis needs!

How to clean a sticky weed grinder

  • Regular cleaning of your grinder is essential to ensure smooth performance, as it will become sticky with a buildup of kiefy resin over time. To keep the grinders clean and efficient:
  • To reduce stickiness, apply a mixture of isopropyl alcohol and salt to the affected areas.
  • If you’re looking to release the finest particles of cannabis resin, known as kief, then a small brush is your best bet. A stiff-bristled paintbrush, toothbrush or clean beard brush will do the trick in knocking loose any stuck-on bits from the screen.

You can also put your grinder in the freezer, which makes it easier to pick kief off.

When grinder is too stubborn to clean, it might be time for an upgrade - especially if the current model is on a budget.

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