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Grape God


Grape God is undoubtedly a gift from the weed gods! Not only is it beautiful to look at, but its effects are second to none. Kick your stress and pain to the curb and get that rest and relaxation you’ve been craving! Grape God offers all this and more. So, get your hands on some today!

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Grape God: The Heavenly Hybrid

When it comes to heavenly hybrids, Grape God reigns supreme! This dank indica-dominant strain is a cross between Grapefruit and High Times Indica Cup winner God Bud. Bred by the innovative minds at Next Generation Seed Company, Grape God is a stunning strain with epic effects. THC levels range from 15-25%, so it's sure to leave you feeling relaxed and happy. Plus, it's got plenty of medical benefits to offer, from stress relief to appetite stimulation.

A Visual and Aromatic Feast

When you light up Grape God, you'll be in for a treat! This strain has tapered flowers that adhere in single large pieces and have a dense indica-like structure. The leaves are a spring green colour, often streaked with purple hues ranging from lavender to violet. A blanket of trichomes cover the buds, making them sticky and difficult to break apart.

The aroma of Grape God is unmistakably delicious! It has an underlying sweetness that smells more like a grape gummy than the fruit itself, with an earthy, damp scent that will tantalise your senses. When it comes to flavour, Grape God has a distinct and particularly potent taste. You can easily detect notes from its parent, God Bud, and enjoy its earthy and sweet flavour with hints of berry and grapefruit.

Effects and Benefits

When you toke up Grape God, it may take a few minutes – or even a second joint

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15 – 20%