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Goudaberry is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with a distinct, stinky cheese flavour and a mix of fruity berry undertones all wrapped up in one gorgeous bud package. A combination between the strains of Rainbow Chip and Red Pop, Goudaberry delivers a unique flavour, a distinct aroma and a hard-hitting high with its 24% THC content.

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Goudaberry: An Indica-Dominant Hybrid With 24% THC

Goudaberry is a unique Indica-dominant hybrid strain that packs 24% THC on average. Blending notes of pungent gouda cheese with hints of sweet, juicy berries, Goudaberry has a one-of-a-kind flavour profile and a distinct aroma. Bred by Exotic Genetix, this strain is a combination between the strains of Rainbow Chip and Red Pop and delivers a hard-hitting high that puts even the most seasoned of tokers to sleep!

Aroma and Flavour

Goudaberry's terpene profile is truly unique – with a mix of stinky gouda cheese, sweet berry undertones and a gassy, pungent finish, this strain offers a flavourful smoke that's hard to beat. When you spark up Goudaberry, the taste of sharp gouda hits the palate instantly, then matures and evolves to offer a blend of berry and fruit flavours. As you exhale, it leaves a gassy, diesel-like aftertaste that refreshes the palate and prepares you for another toke!


As an indica-dominant strain, Goudaberry takes on a classic indica-appearance with dense, spade-shaped nugs. The colour of each bud reflects its aroma and flavour, with each nug showcasing shades of deep berry purple, brighter shades of light green and bright orange-coloured pistils. Each Goudaberry nug comes complete with a thick dusting of silver-white trichome – a sight to behold!



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