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Gold Seal Hash


Gold Seal Hashis an Afghani hashish that has become prominent in North America. Gold Seal Hash has a strong aromatic smell with a dark brown outside and a light brown inside.Each container has 1 gram of Hash

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Gold Seal Hash

Gold Seal Hash is an Afghani hashish that has become a popular concentrate in North America. This hash has an intense aroma with a dark brown exterior and a light brown interior. The inside texture of this hash is similar to that of a delicious chocolate bar. Gold Seal Hash is derived from small, bushy indica plants that have been pressed into a solid form. The effects of this hash are strong and long lasting, often leading to a relaxing and calming experience.

Each container contains 1 gram of Hash

Hash, also known as hashish, is a cannabis concentrate made by collecting and concentrating trichomes (kief) from cannabis plants. These trichomes are then compressed with heat and pressure into different forms such as balls or cakes, resulting in a solid or paste-like texture. Hash comes in many varieties, flavours, and strengths and each offers its own unique flavour profile, properties, and effects. While regular cannabis flower tends to have an average potency of 10-30% THC, hash can range from 60-75%! Hash has its origins in India, when cannabis cultivators would take a dull knife or their fingers to scrape off the kief that had collected in their palms and compress it into a hashish form. Nowadays, however, extraction technology has advanced to better capture and concentrate trichomes for a superior hash product. From spicy and aromatic Pakistani Hash to potent and powerful Lebanese Hash and clean and fresh tasting bubble hash, there’s a variety of hashish products for everyone.

Smoking hash is easy and can be done in a variety of ways. The simplest method is to break off and smoke a piece of hash in a bong or pipe. You can also smoke the hash as-is, or with a