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All aboard!!! Next stop: Hazeville. The top spot for best Sativa is an epic battlefield. Strains such as Jack Herer, Strawberry Cough and Acapulco Gold all make a strong case. But the most persuasive argument is by Ghost Train Haze. Awarded the best Sativa award by High Times, it’s a psychedelic ride you don’t want to miss out.

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Ghost Train Haze Strain Information

Take a trip on the Ghost Train Haze – the award-winning Sativa-dominant hybrid from Rare Darkness that has earned its place in the cannabis hall of fame. Ghost Train Haze won the High Times 2012 award for best Sativa strain, and the next year, it took 2nd place for “best medicinal strain”. It's also been on the cover of High Times, where it's been dubbed the “Strongest strain on Earth”.

Ghost Train Haze buds are dark and dense, with a coating of crystal-clear THC. The buds are leafy before trimming and covered with orange hairs. When it first burst onto the scene, Ghost Train Haze held the highest THC percentage, testing at an impressive 27%. Nowadays, many strains surpass that, but Ghost Train Haze remains one of the most potent.

Appearance, Taste And Aroma

Ghost Train Haze has a unique flavour profile of vibrant pine, citrus and peppery notes, with an underlying hint of mustiness. The smell is similar to the taste, but with a slightly stronger musty element. When smoking, it's best to keep the windows open.

Medical Benefits

Ghost Train Haze is a great choice if you're looking for an uplifting, energizing and euphoric high. It's perfect for creative types who need some extra inspiration, as it helps clear out the mental clutter and bring clarity. It can also be used to reduce inflammation, chronic pain and tension, and it's a great way to get rid of headaches.

Ghost Train Haze is also known for its aphrodisiac qualities, making it a great choice for couples looking to add

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