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Gelato Cake


Combining the famous strain genetics of sweet Gelato with decadent Wedding Cake, Gelato Cake literally takes the cake for flavour, potency and experience! As its name suggests, this strain tastes like a combination of creamy gelato and sweet cake!

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Gelato Cake: The Perfect Combination of Taste and Effects

Introducing Gelato Cake, a hybrid strain that combines the famous genetics of Sweet Gelato and decadent Wedding Cake. With an aroma that will make you feel like you’re walking into a gelato store and a flavour that’s a combination of creamy gelato and sweet cake, this strain is as delicious as it is potent.

Appearance and Flavour

Gelato Cake takes on a dense and compact appearance with a light olive-green colour and bright, orange-coloured buds popping out throughout the nug. You’ll also find a thick layer of silver trichomes dusting the surface of the bud, giving it an almost divine appearance. When it comes to taste, Gelato Cake packs a punch. Starting from the first toke, you’ll be able to pick up on its sweet and slightly sour vanilla flavour right away. As the smoke settles in your mouth, the flavour takes on a more evolved flavour with notes of pepper and berry combined with the delicate vanilla. On the exhale, hints of gas and skunk complete the experience.


Gelato Cake is an indica-dominant hybrid, and its effects reflect that. After your first puff, you’ll start to feel your limbs get heavier and heavier until you’ll want to do nothing more than sit on your couch. With its full-body indica effects, cerebral stress-relieving properties and amazing, long-lasting high, Gelato Cake is perfect for anyone looking for a nice, relaxing night in. Medicinal users of cannabis will especially appreciate its sedative and stress-busting effects.

Medical Benefits

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