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Gas Station Bob F2

Gas Station Bob F2 is a new and exciting phenotype from Dying Breed Seeds. The real deal when it comes to gas, this top-shelf staple is a stellar example of classic gas strains that Mendocino has become known for.

BUD SIZE Medium – Large
LINEAGE Gas Pedal OG x OG Eddy
EFFECTS Relaxed, Happy, Giggly & Uplifted
TERPENE PROFILE Gas, Diesel, Pine & Kush

Gas Station Bob F2 – A Potent Indica Hybrid by Dying Breed Seeds

Introducing the Gas Station Bob F2, an indica hybrid by the creative breeders over at the Mendocino based Dying Breed Seeds. This strain was created by crossbreeding Gas Pedal OG and OG Eddy, the latter of which earned fame after winning the runner up prize at the High Times Cannabis Cup in 2013! It has high THC levels of 23% to 25% and is definitely not one for light or novice users!

Relaxing High for Stress Relief

The Gas Station Bob F2 is a fast-acting and potent strain, so it’s best to have a clear schedule and a chill day ahead of you when using this strain. It produces a euphoric high followed by a deep and calming relaxation, perfect for binge watching shows and movies or for nights in when you need some extra peace! It also relieves stress, depression and anxiety, and helps with insomnia and nightmares too!

Aromatic Gas Overtones

Gas Station Bob F2 nuggets have a fluffy appearance and a chunky, piecey texture. Its colors include bright and dark olive greens, accented by pale golden orange amber pistils. The crystal trichomes give it a sparkling sheen. Its aroma is heavily pungent with gassy diesel notes, hints of classic pepper and hash spice, and rich earthiness!