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Garlic Breath


As soon as you crack open a jar of Garlic Breath, the pungent smell will hit you like a ton of bricks. If you can get past the garlicky aroma, get ready to experience some pretty powerful effects.

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Garlic Breath Strain: Potent and Pungent

If you’re looking for a strain that lives up to its name, look no further than Garlic Breath. Created by Thug Pug Genetics, this potent cross between GMO Cookies and Mendo Breath is known for its garlicky aroma and flavor, as well as its high THC levels (24-28%).

Aroma and Flavor

As soon as you open a jar of Garlic Breath, you’ll be hit with a pungent garlic smell. While it might be off-putting to some, others find it strangely addicting. On the inhale, you’ll get a blast of garlic, followed by a smooth and creamy smoke. There are also hints of herbal and peppery notes that add some complexity.


Garlic breath has a typical Indica appearance, with dense and slightly fluffy buds. The nugs are a deep green color that are covered in trichomes, giving them a frosty look. They’re also interspersed with orange pistils, which add a pop of color.


Garlic Breath is an effective relaxant, delivering a potent and heavy high. After just a few hits, all your muscles will start to feel loose and tension-free. Moderate consumption will lead to the perfect amount of relaxation, euphoria, and calmness. Those seeking medical benefits will find it useful for treating pain, inflammation, anxiety, and stress.

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Garlic Breath is one of the rarest Indica-dominant strains out there. So, it might be

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20 – 28%