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Flower Humidifier Packs (Top Shelf)


Top Shelf humidifier packsare designed to maintain the perfect level of humidity to ensure that your cannabis stays fresh and mold free for 2-4 months in airtight containers.All humidifier packs are RH62%

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Introducing Top Shelf humidifier packs, the tried and tested secret to keeping your cannabis fresh and mold free for 2-4 months in airtight containers. Our packs are made with all natural ingredients to create a protective monolayer of water molecules over your cannabis to preserve optimal smell, flavour and experience. All humidifier packs are RH62%, so you can be sure your stash will stay in tip-top shape.

We offer 3 sizes to choose from depending on the size of your stash: Small (4 grams), Medium (8 grams) and Large (63 grams). Small is perfect for small stash jars and pre-roll containers, Medium is best suited for mason jars and Large is ideal for large containers and caches. With Top Shelf humidifier packs, your cannabis will stay fresh and flavorful for months!