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FLO Shatter Pod – 1ML

Brand: FLO
Dosage: 1 ML (1000mg) Shatter

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Introducing FLO Distillate Pods – the perfect way to experience a hybrid cannabis strain. Featuring the ever-popular Pink Kush, this strain is best left for the evening when you can afford to fall asleep quickly after smoking.

These innovative pods employ state-of-the-art vapour technology to enhance the performance of the standard 510 pens. Unlike the 510 Thread, FLO pods are part of a new class of ultra-portable, cutting-edge cannabis vaporizers. The pod itself, when combined with the battery, forms a simple two-part system – FLO pod refills snap on and establish an airtight seal, ensuring that each toke results in the most vapour output possible.

When it comes to flavour and aroma, Mango Kush is sure to satisfy. This strain has the scent of a freshly cut Mango, with hints of banana, earthiness, and woodiness detectable on the exhale.

The effects of this strain are felt almost immediately, producing both a strong body stone and euphoria. Mango Kush can cause ‘the giggles’ and is often used to calm nausea and induce appetite. It is also known to provide relief from chronic aches and pains, as well as headaches and migraines.

Whether you’re looking for a recreational or medicinal experience, you can count on FLO Distillate Pods to provide the ultimate cannabis experience.