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Donkey Butter – AAAA

Strain: Indica dominant hybrid
THC: 27%
Parents: Grease Monkey x Triple OG
Aroma: Earthy | Wood | Pine | Gasoline
Flavour: Pungent | Herbal

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Donkey Butter: A Knockout Aroma & Relaxing High

Donkey Butter is an indica-heavy hybrid with an unforgettable aroma. Created by Exotic Genetix, the creators of Extreme OG, this strain is a cross between Triple OG and Exotic’s Grease Monkey. Its dank, earthy aroma is unique and the high it provides is smooth and relaxing. Donkey Butter’s THC content can range from 14% to 27%.

Appearance, Aroma, & Flavour

Donkey Butter has medium to large-sized flowers that hold together in solid, conical shapes. The leaves are a deep shade of forest green, with some phenotypes even boasting patches of purple. Orange pistils and snowy, translucent trichomes make these flowers even more colourful. Once cured, they have a gamey, earthy scent with woodsy, pine-like notes. When it’s burnt in a pipe or a joint, Donkey Butter emits an acrid, eye-watering smoke that has a pungent flavour with some light herbal traces.


Donkey Butter’s high starts off slowly with a head-focused sensation. This is followed by changes in cognition, like ideas moving quickly and making free associations. This cerebral edge can be helpful for artistic projects or brainstorming sessions. The strain’s body high eventually sets in, making users feel weighed down and sleepy. This stoney feeling can undo much of the strain’s initial mental stimulation, leaving consumers able to do little more than binge-watch, snack, or nap.

Medical Use

Donkey Butter’s slow, mostly sleepy effects can be beneficial for medical cannabis patients. Its happy, upbeat mood can be a temporary relief