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Death Bubba


Bow down to Death Bubba! This indica-dominant hybrid packs a punch, with THC levels ranging from 24-29%. In other words, it’s not for the faint of heart! We guarantee you’ve never felt relaxation quite like this. Death Bubba hits hard with powerful, euphoric cerebral effects and a potent body buzz.

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Death Bubba Strain: A Heavy-Hitting Indica

Death Bubba is an incredibly potent Indica-dominant hybrid. It’s a big cross of heavy Indica’s such as Death Star and Bubba Kush, and it got its infamous name because it can put people into such a deep sleep that it’s even hard to wake them up. With average THC levels of 22-27%, this dank weed can send you full-force into a dreamy slumber.

Aroma & Flavor

Death Bubba has a pungent dankness that is enhanced by a musky and earthy aroma with hints of pine. It has a hint of lemon to it, accompanied by notes of pinene with a pleasantly sweet aftertaste.


In typical BC Bud fashion, Death Bubba is as naturally beautiful as its home province. The buds of this strain display stunning rich shades of green and purple weed, with brown hairs poking out amongst the colourful hues. A dusting of white trichomes makes these nugs glisten as if coated in tiny diamonds.

Death Bubba Strain Effects

The Death Bubba high starts with a euphoric headrush. It will bust through stress and boost your mood to new heights! It also supplies temporary energy that will motivate you to be productive. Still, with its heavy indica qualities, these upbeat, energetic feelings won’t last long. The indica traits will make your limbs feel heavy yet tingly. Gradually, your mind will transition from euphoric to introspective, and you’ll become engrossed in a full-body high.

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24 – 29%