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Chocolope is the perfect strain to start your day! Looking for energy, euphoria, and enhanced focus? This strain has got your back! Couple that with a unique and diverse aroma and flavour profile? You’re in for a distinctly dank experience from start to end!

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Chocolope: A Tasty and Uplifting Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

If you’re after a strain that will help you focus, channel your creativity and provide you with a zing of energy to boot, Chocolope is for you! This almost entirely sativa hybrid was created by breeder DNA Genetics and is a cross between flavourful landrace strain Chocolate Thai and Cannalope Haze. Its buds are long, fluffy and almost oval-shaped, with vibrant orange pistils dancing throughout the nugs. When you take a whiff, you’ll be met with an enticing, mouth-watering dessert aroma, thanks to its parent landrace strain, Chocolate Thai. The smoke is smooth, with mostly fruity flavours and hints of chocolate on the inhale and notes of coffee, vanilla and cocoa on the exhale. This sticky strain is sure to wake up and invigorate your senses!

Uplifting Effects of Chocolope

The effects of Chocolope are almost immediate. This strain is perfect for a wake and bake scenario, as it will have you rearing and ready to go to tackle the day. It’ll make you feel incredibly motivated and focused, while still allowing you to maintain a mostly clear and level head. Not only will you feel productive, but Chocolope is also an awesome strain to indulge your creative side. Its uplifting effects translate into joyous and happy euphoria. So, not only will you feel stimulated, but you’ll also feel stoked!

It’s no surprise that Chocolope is also used for medical purposes. Its energizing effects make it great for conditions like ADD

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