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Cherry Kush Mints


Cherry Kush Mints is the delicious, hybrid result of combining Kush Mints with Sweet Cherry Pie. This flower delights its users with an aromatic terpene profile and equally delicious flavours. While many hybrids lean strongly one way or another, this strain’s genetics offers it a completely balanced profile of effects making it a great choice for both daytime and nighttime use.

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Cherry Kush Mints: A Balanced Hybrid of Refreshment

For the ultimate hybrid experience, look no further than Cherry Kush Mints – a delightful blend of Kush Mints and Sweet Cherry Pie. With dense, sticky nugs, tart and minty flavour, and a potent THC content of 28%, this strain is one sweet refreshment you won’t be able to get enough of!


Open the bag and your senses will be overwhelmed with dank mint and sweet cherries – a terpene profile that’s simply out of this world!


On inhaling, you’ll be presented with a delicious blend of refreshing mint and tart cherries, followed by notes of dank earthiness. On exhaling, these flavours combine together to produce a sweet yet pungent aftertaste that’ll leave you wanting more!


As a hybrid strain, Cherry Kush Mints takes on a slightly indica-like appearance with dense, forest-green nugs and a spade-shaped appearance. Rust-orange pistils are scattered between the nugs, and a dense coating of trichomes covers the entire surface of each bud – making each flower look like a crystal-covered cherry!


Cherry Kush Mints is the ideal blend of indica and sativa effects, with a completely balanced profile of effects suitable for both daytime and nighttime use. Once inhaled, users will feel a slow, cerebral buzz start to take hold, and soon reach a state of euphoria and peace. At the same time, the strain will also

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26 – 28%