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Cherry Cola Hash


Cherry Cola Hashis perfect for those looking for a smooth hash with high THC content. Enjoy this hash in your joints to balance out the flower which will provide you with a great mellow high.Each container has 1 gram of Hash

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Cherry Cola Hash: A Smooth and Potent Experience

Cherry Cola Hash is the perfect choice for those looking for a smooth, high-THC hash. Each container has 1 gram of hash, offering a mellow high when enjoyed in joints with flower. Hash, also known as hashish, is a cannabis concentrate product made by collecting and concentrating the trichomes (kief) directly from the cannabis flower. It can range from 60-75% THC, compared to the average 10-30% THC content of regular cannabis flower.

Hash originally came from India, when cannabis cultivators would scrape the kief collected in their hands and compress it into hash. Today, cannabis extraction technology has evolved to better capture and concentrate kief for superior hash products. From spicy and aromatic Pakistani Hash to potent and powerful Lebanese Hash to clean and fresh bubble hash, there’s a variety of hash sure to please any toker.

How to Smoke Hash

Smoking hash is easy and can be done in a variety of ways. The simplest method is to break off and smoke a piece of hash in your bong or pipe. Hash can also be smoked in a joint – simply roll a joint as usual and sprinkle some hash down the length of the spliff before rolling it up. Hash can also be dabbed or vaped, or even used with hot knives to heat up your hashish.

No matter how you choose to experience your Cherry Cola Hash, you’ll enjoy a tasty, potent, and memorable high!