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CB2 CBD + Vitamin C 100mg Capsules


  • 10 x 10mg (100mg total) Capsules per package. Infused with pure Vitamin C.
  • Natural help for pain, anxiety, sleep and focus.
  • Lab tested and approved

Take your health in hand with these non-psychoactive, low dose CBD capsules enhanced with Vitamin C. Our power shot of premium quality CBD and Vitamin C helps promote healthy skin and a stronger immune system, as well as potentially reducing pain, spasms, headaches ,and peripheral neuropathy. Each capsule is composed of 99+% pure CBD crystal isolate that’s guaranteed to be THC-free for safe consumption!

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CB2: CBD + Vitamin C 10x10mg Specially formulated CBD plus immune-boosting Vitamin C. 10mg of pure cannabidiol per capsule. Vegan CBD vitamin C capsules are perfect for the majority of users, given they have been lab-tested and inspected to guarantee accuracy in dosing and consistency.

For those in need of relief, Herb Angels is the perfect solution. Our non-psychotropic CBD capsules combined with Vitamin C are a powerful tool to reduce pain, headaches and other unpleasant symptoms such as spasms or neuropathy. Furthermore, what makes our product even more effective is that you can control your dosage accurately thanks to the convenient capsule form - no guesswork required! With 96.5% Pure Cannabidiol (CBD), our hemp products won't only bring much needed anti-inflammatory properties but also provide both long term and fast acting relief from chronic and acute pain alike.

  • Immune Boost
  • Anti-Anxiety
  • Anti-Inflammatory
  • Non-Psychotropic
  • Lab tested

Benefits of CBD With Vitamin C

Vitamin C, otherwise known as ascorbic acid, is an essential vitamin that humans must obtain either through consuming certain foods or taking supplements. Unlike many other animals, we cannot create it on our own within the body.

We all know that Vitamin C is beneficial for our health, but did you also know it can enhance the effect of CBD oil? By combining 10 mg of Vitamin C and 10mg of CBD in a synergistic formulation, we've seen tremendous results. Not only does this combination help your body absorb the much-needed vitamins faster, but it also helps to maximize the benefits provided by each ingredient! Taking both at once can bring about amazing outcomes - try it today!

What’s CB2 Oil?

To start, let's discuss CB2 oil. It has recently been a staple in my smoothies, and odds are you have seen it at your nearby health food store. To understand why this hemp oil is so distinctive from other products on the shelf, we must look at Cannada hemp extract—it is a terpene blend suspended in base hemp seed oil that requires no prescription to purchase! Therefore, any interested party can get their hands on some with ease. On top of all that goodness? You may also combine CB2 Oil with CBD Oil if desired for increased potency and benefit!

CB2 oil provides far more health benefits than CBD. It is safe, tested and carries no traces of THC or other unwanted elements due to stringent quality control processes. Moreover, studies have indicated that CB2 delivers twice the success rate as compared to those taking CBD for pain relief or symptoms associated with arthritis - making it a more potent remedy for these conditions.

What Is CBD Oil?

The therapeutic effects of CBD (cannabidiol) oil are derived from the Cannabis plant, without any of the psychoactive components. More and more people are crediting this natural substance for its remarkable health benefits such as relieving anxiety symptoms, reducing chronic pain issues, improving depression management, treating acne outbreaks and even benefiting heart health or cancer-related problems. However, these potent products won't be found in your local health food store - you'll have to do a bit more searching!