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Cali Bubba is an intoxicating indica strain which has swept the nation by storm. This cross between notorious Bubba Kush and a staple strain from our neighbours down south, Cali Kush, has been hailed as a miracle medicinal strain since its’ discovery. Perfect for after-work and evenings, this is a strain that should not be underestimated – don’t smoke this indica during the day if you have any plans! Those who appreciate a heavier, intoxicating gas nose will appreciate breaking these buds down.

LINEAGE Bubba Kush x Cali Kush
EFFECTS Relaxed, Cerebral, Euphoric, Sedated, Sleepy & Hungry
TERPENE PROFILE Earthy, Pine, Gas, Spicy & Woody

Cali Bubba - A Heavenly Hybrid

Cali Bubba is the perfect balance of two famous celebrity strains - California Kush and Bubba Kush - making it an exciting new addition to the cannabis scene! Combining the best of both worlds, this indica hybrid has an average THC level of 24%, offering users a blissful body melt with heavily sedative yet uplifting properties. The flavour profile is a heavenly mix of hashy spice and sweet fruit that makes it both delicious and delightful. It can be hard to come by, but when you find it, make sure you get your hands on it - you don't want to miss out on this powerhouse strain!


Cali Bubba starts off with a deep and peaceful body high that relieves pains such as muscle spasms, migraines and headaches. Although it's a heavy indica, it also offers a cerebral and euphoric uplift that will have you feeling focused and mentally stimulated all while elevating your mood. Perfect for those looking to manage stress, depression, anxiety, and ADD/ADHD, it is best used in the evening or at home as it can lead to couch-lock.

THC Content

Cali Bubba has an indica to sativa ratio of 70