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Blue Fuego by Strait A Genetics

Blue Fuego is a relaxing hybrid that was original bred by Strait A Genetics. Cultivated as a cross between Bluetopia and Fire OG, this strain maintains the high THC concentration and cerebral high of both its parent strains. The terpene profile of Blue Fuego is extremely distinct – notes of a mild diesel-like fuel blend with earthier berry tones to create a sweet and pungent aroma and flavour. With THC percentages that regularly soar north of 25%, Blue Fuego is a debilitating strain that is praised by both medicinal and recreational users alike. The cerebral, mellow high is described as being very euphoric, relaxing and long-lasting. Much like Bluetopia, Blue Fuego provides users with an upbeat wave of euphoria, while its’ Fire OG parentage gives it a mellow and relaxing properties. This AAAA+ craft strain has become legendary for its’ outstanding physical properties, including tremendous THC concentration, flavour and unique terpene profile. Users can expect a subtle vanilla-like creaminess with an earthy kush-like gassyness – mix in a refreshing fruitiness similar to Jack Herer’s and you get a terpene powerhouse. She’s the result of new age genetics and tons of love and care and one of few newcomers that have proved themselves worthy of craft cannabis status.

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Blue Fuego by Strait A Genetics

Introducing the Blue Fuego, a heavy hitting and hard to find strain created by professional marijuana grower and breeder, Strait A Genetics from Central California. This indica dominant hybrid was created by crossing the in house created strain Bluetopia with one of the strongest OG strains, Fire OG. This strain is sure to become your new go-to, featuring delectable berry and earthy flavours backed by a super potent THC concentration and an extremely enjoyable, euphoric and relaxing high!

Effects of Blue Fuego

The Blue Fuego strain offers a dynamic high, allowing users to experience both indica and sativa effects. It starts off with an uplifting and euphoric cerebral high, and as it progresses, users will feel a wave of deep, bodily relaxation wash over their limbs. The body high can be sedative or induce couch-lock, so it is best used on weekends, evenings or days at home. Medical users may find this strain particularly useful in treating symptoms such as depression, stress and temporary or chronic pains, including headaches or migraines due to its sedative nature. It is also a great choice for aiding sleep for those suffering from insomnia.

THC Content

The Blue Fuego strain by Strait A Genetics has been reported to average at 25% in THC. Its parent, Fire OG, is also an indica dominant hybrid with a dominance ratio of 70% indica to 30% sativa, and an average of 20% to 25% THC. It is a cross of the popular strains <