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Blue Cheese


You can smell this Blue Cheese strain from miles away. The aroma does remind you of actual cheese but it is also mixed with some fruity blueberry-like notes. After a hectic week, all you need is some of this for the perfect weekend getaway.

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Blue Cheese Strain: A Deliciously Fruity and Relaxing Experience

Are you looking for a unique and flavorful cannabis experience? Then, look no further! The Blue Cheese strain is here to provide you with an exquisite taste and a deeply relaxing experience. This beautiful strain has been around for more than two decades and continues to surge in popularity.

Blue Cheese is a hybrid strain made by crossing Blueberry with an original UK Cheese female. This Indica-dominant strain has an 80-20 Indica-Sativa ratio, giving users an intense relaxation with a mild euphoric buzz. Not only that, but it also offers several therapeutic advantages, making it a great choice for medical cannabis patients.

Aroma, Flavor and Appearance of Blue Cheese

The aroma of Blue Cheese is strong and distinct, with a cheesy note combined with a fruity blueberry-like smell. The flavor is sweet and delicious, with a blend of fruity notes and an earthy, musky taste. As for the appearance, the buds are yellow-green with blue-purple colors, crystal-like leaves, and vibrant orange pistils.

THC Content of Blue Cheese

The THC content of Blue Cheese ranges from 22-27%, providing users with a gentle relaxation that won’t hit them like bricks. Instead, it will flutter throughout their entire body, almost like a sweet lullaby lulling them to a world of deep relaxation.

Buy Blue Cheese Strain Online

So, if you’re looking for a delicious and relaxing cannabis experience, Blue Cheese is the perfect strain for you! Buy Blue Cheese strain online now and have the ultimate

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22 – 27%