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Blackberry Cream

Zen Craft Grow surely knocked it out the park with this exotic indica-dominant hybrid! Blackberry Cream was created as a cross between Blackberry Kush and the infamous Cookies and Cream strain. It quickly became a fan favourite for its’ decadent flavour profile, consisting of tangy berries, and luscious notes of sweet vanilla.

LINEAGE Blackberry Kush x Cookies and Cream
EFFECTS Sedated, Uplifted, Relaxed, Sleepy & Hungry
CLASSIFICATION Indica-dominant
TERPENE PROFILE Berries, Sweet, Vanilla & Earthy

Zen Craft Grow Blackberry Cream

Zen Craft Grow's Blackberry Cream is a unique indica-dominant hybrid created by crossing two popular strains, Blackberry Kush and Cookies and Cream. This strain is best enjoyed in the evening due to its strong and long-lasting effects. With THC levels reaching up to 25%, it's no wonder why Blackberry Cream is a favorite for making hash.


The effects of Blackberry Cream are fast-acting and profound. After a few tokes, users can expect to experience a wave of relaxation and calming euphoria that will keep them focused and content for the rest of the night. It offers powerful medicinal properties, making it a great choice for treating pain, muscle spasms, stress, insomnia, headaches, and depression.

Appearance, Aroma, and Taste

Blackberry Cream is an eye-catching strain with its bright green leaves, orange hairs, and deep purple hues. Its aroma is heavy on the blueberry with a hint of pungent blackberry and sweet-earthy cream. Its taste is similar to its aroma, with a smooth and creamy finish.