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Black Tuna


Hailing from the land of fantastic forests and captivating coastlines, Black Tuna is an evenly balanced BC Bud. This strain is as whimsical as weed gets! Heavily sedating in the best way, it’ll put even the most stubborn insomniac to sleep.

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Black Tuna: A Unique Canadian Hybrid Strain

The Black Tuna strain got its name from the Black Tuna Gang, a Colombian cannabis smuggling group that used tuna cans to smuggle cannabis into the United States during the 1970s. However, this strain has more to offer than just an interesting back story! With its parent strains being Lamb’s Bread and Herijuana, Black Tuna is a potent, evenly balanced Canadian hybrid strain, perfect for combatting chronic pain and insomnia.

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

The flowers of Black Tuna are compact and covered in trichomes, with a rich sage green color that often has hints of darker greens and purple. Its smell is noticeably pungent, funky, and spicy, but that is balanced out by its flavour when smoked. Also, some products still come in the signature tuna cans!

The effects of this strain can be quite powerful, usually starting with an uplifting and euphoric sensation before becoming more sedating. As such, it’s not recommended for beginners or intermediates, as the body high can be quite strong. It can also last for hours, making it ideal for nighttime use. With its powerful body high and relaxing nature, Black Tuna can be used to treat a variety of medical symptoms, including chronic pain, insomnia, depression, and loss of appetite.

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