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Black Dutch – Indica Bulk


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While the exact origin of Black Dutch is not definitively known, many believe it originated with Jordan of the Islands - an experienced cultivator from Vancouver Island. Jordan's ingenious cannabis hybrid strains are available in dispensaries throughout Vancouver and have made quite a name for themselves. They continue to captivate consumers with their unique flavor profiles and strength that cannot be replicated elsewhere.

The genetic makeup of Black Dutch is a product of the hybridization between two well-known marijuana strains: Northern Lights and Haze. Northern Lights carries an earthy flavor profile and is predominantly indica, whereas Haze has thin buds but potent sativa effects. Unfortunately, without accurate laboratory analysis it's near impossible to detect how this strain evolved naturally over time.

With its enigmatic genetics, many breeders have found Black Dutch's alluring "bag appeal" irresistible for crossbreeding. One phenotype of this strain, the infamous Black Dutch #5, has been used to create some well-known hybrids such as High Definition and Black Dutch Haze. These two strains were created by crossing Electric Haze with Super Silver Haze - a combination that radiates undeniable potency!

The effects of Black Dutch are powerful - initiating an invigorating euphoric head rush before providing emotional uplift which further encourages social interaction while inducing talkativeness in users. As the haut continues, initial cerebral effects typically lead to drowsiness and, with higher dosages, couchlock. Besides its ability to decrease stress levels, this strain's minute amounts of CDB are associated with lower pain or nausea sensations as well as mental health issues such as anxiety, PTSD (post-traumatic stress disorder), and attention deficit disorders. Unfortunately, consuming it can come at a cost - red flaky eyelids and an ongoing dry mouth are some of the more common negative side effects reported by those who indulge in this particular strain. Black Dutch's body high is an excellent way to wind down the day, as it gradually intensifies over time. One need not use too much – some have experienced a calming effect that last up to two hours depending on their sensitivity levels.

THC 23-25%

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