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Black Cherry Soda


A visually-stunning specimen, Black Cherry Soda is a delicious hybrid in a league of its own. Noted for its vivid colouring and distinct flavour, it’s as potent as it is unique. However, it doesn’t skip on potency, either, with a THC content ranging from 19 to 24%!

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Black Cherry Soda - A Sweet and Potent Hybrid

For a sweet, yet potent, hybrid strain, Black Cherry Soda is the perfect choice. With its unique flavour and stunning appearance, it's no wonder this strain is so beloved. Not skimping on potency, Black Cherry Soda provides a day-time high that helps keep you focused, creative, and euphoric - all with a pleasant body high. So if you're looking for an uplifting, mood-boosting strain that is sure to please - Black Cherry Soda is the perfect choice!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

The dense buds of Black Cherry Soda are characteristic of an indica, yet what sets it apart from other strains is its unique colour. It ranges from green with bursts of light purple to dark purple that hides any hint of green, with blissful orange hairs that creep through. It's then covered in a layer of sticky trichomes that coat its densely-packed flowers.

The aroma of Black Cherry Soda is a delightful combination of berries with earthy undertones. But where this strain shines is its distinct, delicious flavour that is true to its name. Its flavour is a combination of black cherry and a creamy aftertaste that lingers after each puff.

The effects of Black Cherry Soda are uplifting, with energizing cerebral effects more typical of sativa. Yet, sticking with its indica roots, it also provides a pleasant yet mild body high. This strain is best-suited to daytime activities or a wake-and-bake. Many users also report feelings of enthusiasm and creativity.

While it only contains low traces

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18 – 25%