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Black Cherry Punch – AAA+

Strain: Indica dominant hybrid
THC: 25% | CBD: 3%
Parent: Black Cherry Pie x Purple Punch
Aroma: Berry | Cherry | Earthy | Pine | Woody
Flavour: Berry | Flowery | Herbal | Pine | Sweet | Woody

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Introducing Black Cherry Punch, the heavily Indica-dominant (80/20) strain from Symbiotic Genetics that will leave you in a state of pure, unfocused euphoria. This strain packs a powerful punch with its rich aroma of fruity skunk, woody pine, spicy earth, herbs, and wood. Black Cherry Punch’s sweet cherry flavour is complemented by spicy florals and woody pine on the exhale. With a 25% THC level and up to 3% CBD, this strain offers the perfect balance of relaxation and euphoria.

Not only is Black Cherry Punch visually appealing, ranging from deep violet purples to glistening greens under a blanket of golden trichomes and neon orange, it also takes only 68 days to flower. Black Cherry Punch is the perfect solution for those who suffer from chronic stress, depression, appetite loss, and fatigue. With its tingling sensation behind the eyes and calming physical effects, you won’t have trouble sleeping again.

Experience Black Cherry Punch today! Get same day weed delivery in Toronto, or same day shipping Canada-wide. Learn more about Black Cherry Punch at Wikileaf.com or Allbud.com.