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The Biscottie strain is a rarely seen member of the cookie-based family of weed strains. An indica-dominant hybrid, this sweet and yeasty strain has a THC potency of 25% on average and delivers an uplifting, euphoric head high and a calming, relaxing body high.

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Biscotti: A Deliciously Potent Indica-Dominant Hybrid

The Biscotti strain is a deliciously potent indica-dominant hybrid with a unique flavour profile and powerful effects. Its name comes from the Italian word for “twice-cooked”, and with its 25% THC potency, you can expect to feel twice-baked! Biscotti is a combination of Gelato #25, Girl Scout Cookies, and South Florida OG, giving it a sweet and cookie-like flavour. Its buds are olive-green with bright-orange pistils, and it is enveloped in a layer of kief, giving it a frosty, sugary appearance.

In addition to its amazing aroma, Biscotti’s flavour is unparalleled. This strain smells like an old-world European bakery – sweet and doughy with just the right amount of spice and herbs. On the tongue, Biscotti tastes just like sweet and spicy snickerdoodle cookies. Its terpene profile consists of spicy caryophyllene, tangy limonene, and pungent myrcene, which all contribute to its delicious flavour.

Biscotti delivers a powerful high with both cerebral and body effects. Its head-high begins with a euphoric rush, relieving any stress or tension that might be bothering you. As this wave of comfort and relaxation travels down your body, you’ll be in a state of pure bliss as you enjoy the taste of sweet cookies lingering on your tongue. Biscotti is an ideal strain for treating energy, sociability, euphoria, mood swings, and depression.

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