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Apple Pie – AAAA+

Strain: Sativa dominant hybrid
THC: 25%
Parents:  Slymer x Sour Apple
Aroma: Earthy | Fruity | Herbal | Sour | Sweet
Flavour: Fruity | Herbal | Nutty | Sour | Sweet


Alien Genetics has introduced a delightful addition to their renowned lineup of strains with Apple Pie, a hybrid born from the cross between Slymer and Sour Apple IBL. This unique combination results in a harmonious blend of flavor and effects, offering a milder yet functional high that can be enjoyed at any time.

Aroma and Flavour
With predominantly sativa genetics, Apple Pie presents buds that form lollipop clusters of fragrant flowers with an unmistakable scent reminiscent of sour apple candy mixed with sweet vanilla chai. The flavor profile delivers a spicy note, where tart sour and vanilla tones merge with spiced herbal qualities, showcasing the strain's versatility based on cultivation and curing methods.

Apple Pie offers subtle yet energizing effects without the jittery side effects often associated with sativas, making it an ideal choice for any time of the day. Its balanced nature provides an energetic kick while allowing users to remain focused on tasks without feeling overwhelmed.

Medical Use
Due to its high THC levels averaging between 24-25%, Apple Pie is frequently chosen to alleviate conditions such as chronic fatigue, headaches or migraines, mood swings, and depression.

From Staff
This strain boasts a rich sour apple flavor complemented by a nutty herbal exhale. The aroma features sweet and sour apples with an earthy nutty overtone that becomes slightly pungent when burned. The elongated fluffy spade-shaped forest green nugs are adorned with sparse orange hairs and coated in tiny golden amber crystal trichomes.

Apple Pie strain is available for same-day weed delivery in Toronto or Canada-wide mail order marijuana shipping.