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If you are looking for cerebral stimulation to get those creative juices flowing, this is the perfect strain for you. It has a citric, tropical aroma that’s accompanied by a Kush aftertaste. Its effect is fast-acting, long-lasting and incredibly strong. It can be used to stimulate creativity although it can prevent full concentration when doing important things.

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Unlock Your Inner Creative Genius with Afgooey

If you're looking for an indica strain that can help you get creative and unlock your inner genius, then Afgooey cannabis strain is perfect for you! This strain is a cross between Afghan #1 and Maui Haze, delivering an upbeat, creative head high alongside a deeply relaxing body high with 15-18% THC.

The buds of Afgooey are light and fluffy with a thick layer of trichomes, giving it an attractive, indica-like appearance. Its aroma is citrusy and tropical, with a distinct Kush aftertaste. Its effects are fast-acting, long-lasting, and incredibly strong.

Creative and Relaxing Benefits

This strain is perfect for anyone looking for a cerebral stimulation to get those creative juices flowing. Its effects are a beautiful combination of happiness and relaxation that put users in a talkative spirit.

At the same time, Afgooey provides a deeply relaxing body high that can help relieve chronic pain due to medical illnesses and diseases like arthritis, chronic and recurrent migraine headaches, and fibromyalgia.

Furthermore, this strain is great for stress relief and insomnia. Its sedating and calming effects make it a great choice for those with mental health problems like bipolar disorder, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety disorder, and chronic stress.

Medical Benefits of Afgooey

Stress Relief
Chronic Pain

If your creative juices

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