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White Ice *Hybrid*


White Ice, an intense indica-leaning hybrid combining the power of Afghan Hash Plant, Northern Lights and Dutch Skunk (the precise sativa/indica ratio is unknown), has gained immense popularity among patients who have had a chance to try it. While its sweet scent and resinous white crystals are known facts about this strain, not much information exists regarding its flavor or appearance. White Ice’s effects remain mysterious as well; however given that it belongs to the Indica family one can assume that they will be mainly physical in nature. White Ice is a classic indica strain, and its strong effects make it ideal for unwinding after dark or on rainy days. While there are few details available regarding the medicinal benefits of this particular type of cannabis, some tests have reported THC levels as high as 20% and CBD levels below 1%. Be prepared to experience couch-lock if you decide to try White Ice! White Ice is an excellent strain to use primarily for its THC content, yet it cannot be used as the only solution for seizure disorders or other issues that are usually cured with CBD. The most common adverse effects associated with this strain include dry and red eyes. Unfortunately, White Ice can be difficult to find; however, it does sell in California and potentially throughout small parts of the American West.

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White Ice is a powerful cannabis strain that results from breeding three distinct parent lines. White Label Seeds, part of Sensi Seeds' family of companies, developed this hybrid by blending Northern Lights, Dutch Skunk and an exclusive Afghan Hash Plant. Unfortunately, not many have been able to try it out yet due to its scarcity in dispensaries; however those who've had the opportunity are often astounded by its potency despite low THC (17%) and CBD (<1%) levels!

Information regarding the White Ice strain is scarce online. We do, however, know this much: it's buds often range between mint and seafoam green colors and are densely covered with off-white trichomes as well as hairy pistils. Its hybrid nature combined with its eminent genetics likely provide a powerful body high when consumed. This Indica-dominant strain is perfect for nighttime use, as its powerful effects can easily leave you feeling sedated and unable to safely drive in an emergency. Furthermore, what's particularly useful about this strain is that we have complete information regarding its parent genetics - allowing us to confidently deduce that it will be both beneficial medically and recreationally for those dealing with stress or chronic pain, depression, insomnia or appetite loss.

White Ice weed strain has a profound body high, offering users a tranquil yet stimulating feeling. They are more likely to be cheerful and have the urge to converse with anyone nearby as opposed to getting up from their chair. Euphoria and uplifting sensations accompany this relaxing sedative experience for maximum enjoyment.

Medical cannabis users that rely on CBD products to help manage serious conditions such as seizures should steer clear of White Ice. Although it does contain some levels of CBD, the amounts are unreliable and won't provide any notable medical advantages.

If you're lucky enough to come across White Ice, a strain of cannabis that's known for being notoriously hard-to-find, it will undoubtedly be worth your while. Record the taste and effects of this special strain so everyone can benefit from your experiences!

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