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THC Blasts Gummies (Blast Edibles)


THC Blasts Gummies are classic, candy-shop confectionaries designed for adults. Using only natural flavouring, colouring and premium cannabis-derived THC distillate.Each package contains 200mg of THC

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THC Blasts Gummies - The Fun Way to Medicate!

For a blast from the past with a medicated kick, try THC Blasts Gummies! These classic, candy-shop confectionaries are designed for adults, and are made with only natural flavoring, colouring and premium cannabis-derived THC distillate.

Each THC Blasts package contains 10 gummies with 20mg of THC per piece, available in timeless candy store classics such as Cola, Gummy Worms, Sour Peaches, Sour Keys, Blueberry, Watermelon, Gummy Bears and a variety pack!

Discover the Benefits of THC Edibles

THC edibles offer a convenient, discreet, and healthy way to medicate with cannabis. Unlike smoking or vaping flower or cannabis concentrates, edibles work in a vastly different way, as the THC is transformed into 11-OH-THC which surpasses regular THC in potency and has a slower metabolism within our bodies, resulting in a more pronounced and enduring impact.

When it comes to dosing THC edibles, there is no “one-size-fits-all.” Your body type, your experience with cannabis, and whether or not you’ve eaten that day will all affect how long and how hard THC edibles will hit you. Figuring out a good edibles dosage comes with experimentation and time - so be sure to go low and slow when starting out.

The effects of THC edibles will generally last for 1 to 4 hours, depending on potency and amount - but be sure to experiment with different types of edibles and dosages to find one that works best for you!

For a delicious and convenient way to medicate, try