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Strawberry Cough


Noted for its unmistakable flavour and scent, Strawberry Cough is a can’t-miss smoke! Fiendishly fruity, this strain took home the title of Best Flower in the 2013 Cannabis Cup for its uplifting, energizing and productive effects. It’s everything you could ever want in a Sativa and then some!

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Strawberry Cough: A Legendary Sativa-Dominant Hybrid

Experience the mouth-watering flavour and smell of Strawberry Cough, a legendary sativa-dominant hybrid. Created by former High Times editor Kyle Kushman, this strain was crafted with a blend of Strawberry Fields and Haze. After perfecting it, he drove from New York to LA, handing out clones to increase the strain’s popularity.

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

The award-winning flowers of Strawberry Cough are large and chunky. The leaves are densely-packed and solid. The bright green buds are cone-shaped and look like pretty little pinecones. The flowers have fiery, amber trichomes, giving the buds a yellowish appearance. And, like a strawberry, pistils are red instead of orange!

The aroma of Strawberry Cough will delight your senses with its mouth-watering, strawberry smell and playful hint of peppery spice. When burnt, the buds release an herbal cloud that is evocative of parent strain Haze.

Taste-wise, the initial flavour is of ripe strawberries without any dank or skunky notes. On the exhale, the strawberry taste has even more sweetness. The effects of Strawberry Cough are buzzy and cerebral. It hits fast and may cause users to feel unsettled at the start. But, if taken in the right environment, it produces a sharp focus that’s excellent for reading and other creative pursuits.

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