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Space Queen


Blast off to an exceptionally better mood with Space Queen! This sativa-dominant hybrid is famous for its iconic pairing of mental stimulation and physical relief. Bad vibes? Not anymore! Space Queen will supply a playful boost of creativity and energy that will make it hard to stop smiling!

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The Crown Jewel of Cannabis: Space Queen Strain Information

Introducing Space Queen, the regal and dignified strain that is fit for royalty! This sensational sativa-dominant hybrid is the lovechild of Romulan and Cinderella 99 strains, and is the product of Vic High of the BC Growers Association. Space Queen has garnered a reputation over decades for its ability to lift spirits and banish any pain or tension from the body.

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

Space Queen has a unique appearance with densely packed football-shaped nugs, and some phenotypes have pops of purple. It has a generous layer of glistening white trichomes, giving it potent THC levels. When it comes to smell, Space Queen has a slightly sweet-sour dairy aroma with playful notes of pineapple and citrus. The flavour is sweet yet spicy citrus with bursts of fresh pineapple and a hint of pungency. In some phenotypes, users might detect a woody or creamy aftertaste.

The effects of Space Queen come on fast and strong. Users experience an uplifting head high that banishes any negative feelings and boosts mood to new heights. You’ll feel so blissfully energized and euphoric that it’ll feel like you start to ‘float’ to the sky. As the effects sink in further, you’ll feel a burst of creativity enter your mind, followed by a relaxing, balancing body buzz. It’s perfect for a classic wake and bake or daytime use.

Space Queen Medical Benefits

Space Queen is known for its powerful medical benefits. Its uplifting qualities help with symptoms of mild depression, anxiety, and stress. The soothing body high helps with mild pains, headaches, and