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Red Dragon


3.5 GRAMS $33
7 GRAMS $62
14 GRAMS $115
28 GRAMS $220

Red Dragon

Introducing Red Dragon – a rare and exotic strain from the renowned Barney’s Farm seed bank. A hybrid cross between Afghan Kush, an indica Afghani landrace, and Utopia Haze, a sativa landrace strain native to Brazil, this bud is the ultimate strain for connoisseurs and terpene fanatics! With an average of 24% THC concentration, Red Dragon is renowned for its intense aroma that is characterized by a unique sweetness, reminiscent of guava fruit. Fruity undertones blend carefully with sharp, diesel-like main notes to create a deliciously sweet and gassy, fuel-like scent that is truly one-of-a-kind!

When it comes to its effects, Red Dragon is a sativa-dominant strain, which is evident in the bubbly, giggly and euphoric high it provides. Red Dragon is great for dealing with depression and stress, and it will leave you feeling warm, happy and uplifted. Its dense clusters of bud are an appealing shade of bright, almost neon green that contrasts beautifully with its fair amount of red hairs. Medium sized, cone shaped buds are blanketed by white THC crystals almost virtually everywhere – a sight to behold!

Indica vs Sativa

When choosing the right strain for you, it is important to know the differences between indica, sativa and even hybrid strains. Indicas and sativas differ in their physiological effects and their appearance. Indica strains are known for their shorter and bushier buds, and longer and thinner leaves. On the other hand, sativas are known for their taller and slimmer buds, and shorter and wider leaves. Indicas are usually known for their body high, relaxation, appetite stimulation, and pain relief, while sativas are known for their head high, alertness, creativity, and increased energy.

Hybrid Strains

Hybrid strains are created when geneticists or growers cross-breed pure indica strains, sativa strains or other hybrid strains together to create a new plant. These strains can lean towards either being indica dominant,