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Purple Kush – Indica BULK


Purple Kush is a pure indica strain, crafted with the highly adored Hindu Kush X Purple Afghani. High Times magazine declared this delightful bud to be one of the world’s top 10 most potent strains and has an average THC level of 22%. Upon using it, you’ll feel an ecstatic cerebral high that will take away your physical pain while simultaneously providing mental clarity. As you consume Purple Kush, a soothing numbing sensation begins in your head and flows throughout your body. You’ll feel both relaxed and sedated as the effects take hold. During the come down from this strain’s powerful marijuana high, you will be able to drift off into a long peaceful sleep without feeling any aches or pains. Therefore it is recommended that Purple Kush can help those struggling with conditions like insomnia, chronic pain, nerve damage and muscle spasms find relief through its potent properties. The captivating Purple Kush emits an earthy-sweet grape aroma and a flavorful hint of red wine. The bright neon green buds sprout with fiery orange hairs, just beneath its velvety purple undertones. Each nug is frosted in fine white trichomes and packed with sticky sweet resin for a truly unique experience.

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Purple Kush Weed Specs

  • Effects: Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy
  • May Relieve: Euphoria, Happy, Hungry, Relaxing, Sleepy
  • Flavors: Berry, Grape, Sweet
  • Aromas: Earthy, Grape, Pungent, Spicy, Sweet

Originated in Oakland, California as the offspring of two pure landrace indica strains, Purple Kush Indica is a strain that demands attention. Unlike many other cannabis varieties with untraceable and messy genetics backgrounds, this one stands out due to its purity and rarity.

Purple Kush weed is a 100% indica and 0% sativa strain, with its parentage sourced from the esteemed Hindu Kush and Purple Afghani indicas. Not only does it provide an incomparable level of body-numbing restorative effects, but its buds are also incredibly alluring to behold. With their deep purples hues, you won't be able to tear your eyes away!

Looking for potent cannabis buds? Look no further than PK: test results show that its THC level is between 18-25%, making it one of the strongest marijuana strains out there.

Purple Kush Indica Strain Review: Aroma, Flavor, and Appearance

Purple Kush Cannabis is renowned for its mesmerizing visual allure that entices both the eyes and taste buds, while simultaneously tantalizing your olfactory bulbs with every puff. This one-of-a-kind strain will stimulate nearly all of your senses and make you feel as if you are in a dream world!

The Purple Kush strain is remarkable in physical appearance; there are few other marijuana strains that can compare. Opening the jar unleashes a delightful sweetness similar to grape candy, with underlying tones of earthy pungence. The aroma alone will instantly captivate you!

The taste of Purple Kush weed mirrors its aroma, with a delightful wine-like flavor that tantalizes your senses like freshly harvested grapes. In addition to the smell and flavor, what makes this strain particularly remarkable is its stunning visual appeal; vibrant colors ranging from deep pink to light purple/red dazzle you with their luminescence. Whether it be dark or faint hues, one gander at Purple Kush will leave you in awe!

Amidst the ocean of violets, you can discern brilliant to neon green sugar leaves radiating a vibrant orange hue as their pistils climb towards the sky. The water leaves are just as exquisite with tips ranging from deep purple and burgundy to coral orange - reminiscent of an awe-inspiring expressionistic painting.

The magnificent attributes of Purple Kush, as well as the way it makes you feel, make this strain distinctively iconic in regions such as California.

Purple Kush Strain Effects

The Purple Kush marijuana strain is a truly unique contradiction, as it relaxes your body while sparking and invigorating your mind in unprecedented ways. It's an experience that will turn the world around you on its head!

Purple Kush is renowned for its calming effects that can free the body from tension and allow it to relax. Unlike many forms of marijuana, Purple Kush won't make you anxious or paranoid - instead, some consumers even report feeling a mild hallucinogenic high. Regardless of how deep into relaxation you choose to venture, this cannabis will help your body truly let go without fear.

In addition to its overwhelming ease, the Purple Kush strain can bring about a sense of elation and even cause you to giggle It will induce deep cravings for food (munchies!) and leave your body feeling relaxed with no mental fog or confusion. Its combination of physical relaxation plus clarity is something that many pure indica strains lack but Purple Kush provides consistently every time.

If you're looking for an extra special strain to add a delightful dose of relaxation to your evening, Purple Kush is the way to go. It's so potent that it creates feelings of intense bliss; perfect for those times when you want an intimate connection with friends, family or your significant other. With its calming effects, this marijuana allows you to kick down any walls and fully melt into deep levels of pleasure which will only become more powerful as time passes.

Without a doubt, those who partake in some Purple Kush before bed will enjoy one of the most restful sleeps they've ever had - an absolute blessing for individuals suffering from sleeplessness. Regardless of why you choose to hit this particular strain, its effects produce incredible results when it comes to aiding sleep deprivation.

Medical Benefits of Purple Kush

Purple Kush cannabis is an excellent remedy for a variety of medical issues, however they are not intended to address serious health conditions. People who struggle with nausea, insomnia, or loss of appetite due to either a primary illness or other factors can find relief from Purple Kush. To get the most out of this medicinal marijuana strain when using it for chronic pain relief and/or treating symptoms such as sleeplessness and poor appetite, consider taking larger than average doses.

To experience the powerful effects of Purple Kush in a fun and creative way, try edibles like gummies or candies, vape concentrates and live resin ,or give bubble hash a go.

Thanks to these alternate forms of marijuana, our bodies can now be flooded with higher doses of THC which not only makes the effects last longer but also ensures that we are taken care for a lengthy duration.

On the flipside, Purple Kush has been known to combat depression and various mental health issues. However, if taken in an excessive amount, it may be harmful for those suffering from these conditions.

People dealing with mental health issues may experience THC-induced paranoia or anxiety regardless of the strain, so it is best to start out slowly. Consume a dose that you are comfortable and familiar with, then wait at least an hour before increasing the dose if needed. The most important thing is to stay within your comfort zone and check in often on how you're feeling.

Side Effects of Purple Kush

By nature, Purple Kush is not a stimulating strain nor does it possess any sativa-influenced effects. This means that paranoia, anxiety, or stress should not be an issue while consuming this marijuana strain. However, some users have reported negative physical reactions such as cottonmouth being the most commonly cited side effect of PK weed consumption.

Fortunately, this is the most common side effect when consuming marijuana and can be resolved with a little preparation. Ensure that you drink ample hydrating fluids before, during, and after your high to satisfy any thirst or dry mouth symptoms. Afterward these steps are taken your saliva production will return back to normal quickly! We trust that you have not only enjoyed this assessment of Purple Kush, but also learned from it. The effects of the powerful strain should not be overlooked-- experience them for yourself today!

Marijuana should be at the forefront of medicinal marijuana users, stoners, and 420-lovers alike. We must all remember that consuming cannabis is an individual's responsibility and caution should always be exercised.

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