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Pink Death


A fan favourite, purebred indica, the only thing Pink Death will leave kill is your insomnia, pain and poor mood! In its place, get ready for relaxation and uplifting euphoria before you drift off to dozy dreamland!

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Pink Death: An Incredible Indica-Dominant Hybrid

Introducing Pink Death: an incredible indica-dominant hybrid strain with world-class genetics! This strain is the lovechild of celebrity parents Death Bubba and Pink Kush, and it showcases the best of both worlds. Its effects are deeply relaxing and blissfully euphoric, making it a popular choice for recreational and medical users alike.

Appearance and Flavour

Pink Death has dense buds covered in crystal-like trichomes that give it an almost wintery, frosted look. The buds are a beautiful green hue and smell like prime fresh pine with earthy musk. When you take a puff, you will enjoy a pungent flavour that is both sweet and earthy.


Pink Death has incredibly powerful effects, beginning with an energizing and motivating rush that will leave you feeling focused and positive. As the effects sink in, you will start to feel lighter and lighter, before succumbing to a blissful euphoria and a sense of relaxation. Some users experience happy giggles, and many find themselves getting lost in a land of deep sleep. With its sedative effects, this strain is best suited for nighttime use or a day when you want to relax.

Medical Benefits

Pink Death is a great choice for medical users, as it can help to relax and reduce stress, uplift the mood, and stimulate appetite. It can also help to induce sleep, and is great for treating insomnia, pain, and depression.

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