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Orangeade – AAA+ – $150/Oz

Strain: Sativa dominant hybrid
THC Level: 24%
Parents: Tangie x Purple Punch
Aroma: Citrus | Orange | Woody
Flavour: Citrus | Orange | Fruity

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Introducing Orangeade, a Sativa-dominant hybrid marijuana strain with a unique flavor combination of spicy and fruity. The THC content of this strain ranges between 15%-24%, with the terpene Limonene being the most dominant, followed by Caryophyllene and Humulene. This strain was created by Symbiotic Genetics in 2014, as a cross between the potent strains Tangie and Purple Punch.


Smoking Orangeade will provide an instant uplifting feeling and light headband sensation. You'll feel energized and blissful, yet still very functional and clear-headed. If you smoke too much, it may induce some couch lock. It's ideal for when you need an energy boost.

Medical Use

Orangeade offers a range of therapeutic benefits, making it a popular choice for those suffering from mild pain, fatigue, and chronic stress. It can help improve your mood, reduce anxiety and stress, and increase your appetite.

From Staff

Orangeade is an excellent strain for most occasions, with its talkative and buzzy effects and body relaxation properties. If you're in Toronto, you can take advantage of same day weed delivery. We also offer same day shipping Canada-wide. Read more about Orangeade at marijuana-science.com.