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OG Kush Breath

OG Kush Breath, also known as OGKB for short is an indica-dominant hybrid strain with an intriguing and mysterious lineage. Known for its’ body high that provides head-to-toe relaxation, OGKB is a heavy-hitter that is rumoured to be a cross between everybodies’ favourite Girl Scout Cookies, a rare Northern California phenotype of Durban Poison and OG Kush. With THC levels that reach as high as 25% and the relaxing, nearly sedating effects of both GSC and OG Kush, this formidable hybrid should be saved for evening use or those lazy days off. As an indica-dominant hybrid, OGKB intially provides users with a surprisingly cerebral, creative and uplifting rush from its’ Durban lineage, before transitioning into its’ characteristic couch-lock and deeply relaxing high. Recreationally, this hybrid is great for binging your favourite TV shows, munching and gaming and is definitely a strain to be shared among friends. The persistent body high of OGKB provides profound relaxation and pain relief, and may be sedating at higher doses, making it a great choice for those seeking help falling asleep. As harsh as its’ name may sound, OG Kush Breath is actually recognized for having a pleasantly dank aroma that pays homage to its’ unique family tree. The flowers give off earthy, vanilla-like notes reminiscent of Girl Scout Cookies that brew well with the heavier kush and gas aroma of OG Kush to create an exotic terpene profile that needs to be experienced!

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Experience the Delicious Flavor of OG Kush Breath

OG Kush Breath is a rare and delectable strain with an incredible flavor profile. It’s a phenotype of the infamous Girl Scout Cookies (GSC) and is made by crossing Girl Scout Cookies, Florida Kush, and a NorCal Sativa Durban. Enjoy the immediate elevating cerebral high combined with a deeply relaxing body high that will leave you feeling blissfully relaxed and ready for a night of Netflix and snacks.

Effects of OG Kush Breath

OG Kush Breath is an indica-dominant hybrid with 70% indica to 30% sativa. You'll quickly feel your mood lifted and a boost of positive energy. Despite being an indica-dominant strain, it also offers a trippy and psychedelic experience. It will also make you feel more sociable and chatty, though you may become tired and lazy as the high progresses. This strain can help alleviate symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression, and can help those struggling with insomnia get a better quality of sleep. It is also reported to induce the munchies, so have snacks ready!

THC Content

OG Kush Breath contains 14% – 25% THC on average although lab tests have shown it can reach as high as 27% THC. It also typically contains 1% CBD. Its high THC potency is due to its Girl Scout Cookies and Florida Kush genetics.

Appearance & Aroma

OG Kush Breath has chunky buds with an elongated shape and a minty moss-like green color. It has orange hair-like pistils and a generously thick layer of tiny frost-like trichomes. The aromas are nutty, herbal,