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Mac and Cheese


Combining the genetics from The Mac and Alien Cheese strains, Mac and Cheese is a strong hybrid known for its strong, sour flavor and its pungent, dank aroma. Offering an average of 19-22% THC, this Mac and Cheese strain delivers a euphoric, heady high that’s perfect for daytime enjoyment!

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Mac and Cheese: A Deliciously Uplifting Strain

Are you looking for a great daytime strain that will leave you feeling uplifted and energized? Look no further than Mac and Cheese! This hybrid strain is a cross between The Mac and Alien Cheese, and offers up to 22% THC. Not only is it a great choice for a daytime smoke, but it's also a strain that you'll want to have a second serving of!

Appearance, Flavour, and Effects

The cured buds of Mac and Cheese are long, like a typical sativa, and have a golden hue with bright green leaves. On the surface, the buds are covered in peach-coloured pistils that add a nice splash of colour. The trichomes that cover the surface are a frosty lime-green, making the buds look even more attractive.

When it comes to the smell, Mac and Cheese definitely lives up to its name. The aroma is pungent, with some sour notes and a hint of sweetness, similar to that of Brie or goat cheese. Underneath, though, you may be able to detect some dank pungency. Cracking open a few nugs will also reveal spicy and herbaceous notes.

When it comes to flavour, Mac and Cheese still delivers. The cheese notes are prominent but not overpowering, and are complemented by an earthy, herbaceous flavour and a skunky finish. It's definitely a strain for cheese-lovers!

Mac and Cheese is an uplifting hybrid strain that will leave you feeling energized and euphoric. It's a great daytime smoke that's perfect for tokers of all types. The hybrid nature of this strain also gives it some amazing stress-relieving properties.

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19 – 22%