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Hawaiian Cookies

What do you get when you combine the sweet, vanilla flavours of Girl Scout Cookies with the magically uplifting effects and award-winning genetics of Hawaiian Snow? You get a euphoric, and tropical cookie flavoured sativa-dominant hybrid named Hawaiian Cookies!

Bud Size Medium – Large
Grade AAA+
Lineage Girl Scout Cookies x Hawaiian Snow
Effects Happy, Cerebral, Relaxed, Creative & Euphoric
CLASSIFICATION Sativa-dominant
Terpene Profile Tropical, Vanilla, Fruity & Sweet

Hawaiian Cookies: A Flavourful and Uplifting Hybrid

Hawaiian Cookies is a terpene-rich, sativa-dominant hybrid strain that brings together the sweet, cookie and vanilla flavours of Girl Scout Cookies and the energetic, uplifting qualities of Hawaiian Snow. This unique combination of genetics produces a strain that is both flavourful and potent. With 18-21% THC, Hawaiian Cookies delivers a fast-acting, long-lasting cerebral high that is perfect for day-time use. The uplifting, energetic effects make the strain great for social settings, work, artistic endeavours and more.


Hawaiian Cookies is best known for its immediate and long-lasting high. The euphoric, energetic and spacey effects of this hybrid make it a fan-favourite for recreational use. Those looking for a medicinal strain can also benefit from Hawaiian Cookies’ ability to help with depression, general stress, lack of creativity and insomnia.

Appearance & Aroma

Hawaiian Cookies features dense, cone shaped buds that are a bright green in colour. These buds are covered in light orange pistils and an impressive amount of resinous THC trichomes. This strain is also known for its luscious terpene profile that combines the cookie and vanilla notes of GSC with the tropical fruity tones of pineapples, mangoes, citrus and earthiness of Hawaiian Snow. This unique combination results in an aroma and flavour that is reminscent of a peach pie, or pineapple upside-down cake.