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Golden Goat


If accidents can lead to the creation of great things, then Golden Goat is one of them. This sativa dominant strain instantly became one of the best hybrids of cannabis and has the powerful effect to uplift any negative emotions!

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Experience Complete Relaxation with the Golden Goat Strain

The Golden Goat Strain is the result of an unplanned pollination between a Hawaiian-Romulan and Sweet Skunk, making its way to the market in 2009. This Sativa-dominant hybrid cannabis strain is a perfect balance of energizing and relaxing effects, giving users a mellow feeling without the risk of sedation.

Aroma and Flavor

This marijuana strain has a refreshing citrusy smell that turns earthy when you pay close attention. The flavor is a combination of all the smells - earthy, sweet, and citrusy - with a hint of tropical taste.


The Golden Goat Strain looks a lot like the Hawaiian Sativa, with light shades of green and pink, and rich trichomes coating the buds.


This strain provides a powerful uplifting effect and is great for relieving stress and fatigue. It also has pain-relieving properties and may help with depression. The THC content of the Golden Goat Strain is 21-23%.

Buy Golden Goat Strain Online

Buy the Golden Goat Strain online and experience its powerful effects. Enjoy the best of both worlds with this hybrid cannabis strain- the energizing shot in the initial stages, followed by a mellow, relaxing mode without the risk of getting couch lock.

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21 – 23%