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Fronto Leaf

Fronto Leaf, also known as grabba leaf, is a premium, all-natural tobacco wrapper originating from Connecticut, prized for its bold and potent smoke. With a rich legacy, Fronto Leaf is a sought-after choice for enthusiasts who appreciate its unique flavor profile and versatility in both pipes and hand-rolled experiences.

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Explore CannaWest Fronto Leaf, a premium all-natural tobacco with a rich legacy. Also known as grabba leaf, this Connecticut-grown tobacco is available in individual leaves or by the pound.

Ideal for both pipes and hand-rolling, CannaWest Fronto Leaf offers a bold and potent smoke. Achieving the perfect balance of darkness and thickness ensures effortless wrapping. Manage moisture content for flexibility - mist dry leaves or air-dry overly moist ones.

In high demand in the US and Canada, CannaWest presents top-quality options like CT Wrapper and CT Fronto Leaf, preferred by cigar enthusiasts. Try the Caribbean-inspired QB-52 Fronto Wrapper Leaf and QB-52 Fronto Leaf Wrapper Dark for a premium experience.

For a bolder taste, opt for CannaWest Dark Air Cured Leaf. CannaWest is your destination for Fronto, Grabba, and cigar wrappers. Experience the finest with CannaWest Fronto Whole Leaf Tobacco, suitable for pipe tobacco, cigar wrappers, cigarettes, and crafting the perfect blunt. Craft your own and save while enjoying a superior tobacco journey.